Riders at dawn
Roan Antelope

Intimate encounters with Roan antelope

There are six species of horse antelopes (Hippotragini) worldwide, of which five live in Africa. We are very fortunate at Horizon South Africa to ride with two of these magnificent species, the tall powerfully built roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus) and the very handsome sable antelope (Hippotragus niger). In both cases, the females rule the roost. Female and young roan typically live in stable herds of six to 35 animals, while sable herds are usually much larger, consisting of 30 to 75 females and young.

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McClellan saddle and horse

A saddle for Africa – The McClellan

On my first horse safari in South Africa in 1993 I was introduced to a trail version of the McClellan saddle. It was like nothing I had ever seen. Growing up in the UK, I was familiar with an “English” saddle and having spent 5 years in Australia I had spent many hours in Australian stock saddles and had in fact become partial to the American stock saddle or a western saddle as they are more often called.

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Cantering horses

A Tuli Safari with my daughter

As our children career recklessly from our arms to school, “teenagerdom” and beyond it is hard not to want to slow things down and enjoy the precious moments of parenthood. Our daughter is 17 going on 25 and her eyes are already on a horizon far beyond the cosy warmth of home and I find myself jealously hoarding the ‘memory moments’ for future perusal when the nest is empty.

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